Fody Party Service Ltd.


Name: Fody Party Service Ltd.
Type: Hospitality / restaurant, inn
Settlement: Budakeszi
Address: 2092 Budakeszi, Temető utca 5.


Fody Party Service and Event Agency. Our company was founded by the current owner, Mr. József Fodor, in 1991. The main goal was to create a company which was based on party services, highly required by the market at that time. The company betook the difficult journey of development, sometimes exceeding the market's expectations. Two years after the company was founded we built up our own kitchen and warehouse. In 2003 our new office building was completed, and following this, all resources were centralized in this modern headquarter building. Many things have changed since the “old days”, except for our enthusiasm and the love of our profession. Why choose Fody?- Precision- Flexibility- Empathy- Trained professionals- Nearly two decades of experience- Creativity- Convincing references.

Detailed information

Phone:+3623450342, +3623453213
Capacity:0 people
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Payment:Credit card
Category:1st category


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