Bonyhád is a small town, located in Tolna county, Southern Transdanubian Region. It lies between Szekszárd and Pécs. Bonyhád is situated in the northern foreground of the Mecsek hills. It has been the centre of Völgység (‘the land of valleys’) for centuries. Among the tourist attractions we should mention museums, historic monuments and buildings, graveyards and folk arts. The Catholics’ street was dominated by the baroque-classicist mansions of the Perczel family. In the birthplace of Mór... tovább Perczel there is a memorial-room. The building of the Imre Solymár Town Library used to be a Perczel mansion as well. Here we can see the paintings by Vilmos Bokor. Völgység Museum represents the local history. Since the summer of 2009 a Tourinfrom office has been set up in the building. In Bonyhád visitors can see one of the firefighters’ museums of the country. The museum network includes such unique exhibitions as The History of Kindergartens and The History of Enamel Industry. It is worth visiting the grammar school. In its main building of Art Nouveou style we can find an exhibition calling the memory of the schoolyears of our great poets, Sándor Petőfi and Gyula Illyés. Visitors with interest in folk arts and ethnograpy should visit the exhibitions of ‘The Germans’ and ‘The Székelys’ House, and the workrooms of local craftsmen (ironsmith, enamel, weaving and woodcarving). The festivals of Bonyhád reflect the ethnic variety of the area; the Pentecost of the German minority and the Bookfestival of Völgység are organised in June, the international Bukovina Folklore Festival, the ’Colourful’ Festival (Tarkafestival) and the Gipsy Days are in August. In October the national folkmusic, the wine harvest festival, and the Autumnfestival of Museums may be interesting for visitors. Beside such present tourist attractions as vinecellars, horseriding, fishing and hunting Bonyhád will offer a thermal spa for visitors in the near future. Walking in Bonyhád Station 1 Tourinform Bonyhád 2 Szabadság Square Station 2 Regional Museum of Völgység 2 Szabadság Square Station 3 Baroque Organ-Building 1 Szabadsag Square (Next to the Regional Museum of Völgység) Station 4 Firefighters’ Museum 13 Szabadság Street (Opposite of the catholic church, next to T-mobile) Station 5 Landroom 74 Rákóczi Street (5-10 minutes walk from the Regional Museum of Völgység toward the norhtern end of the town) Station 6 Szekler House 29 Dózsa Street (10-15 minutes walk from the Landroom to the Dózsa Stree which is in line with the Rákóczi Street) Station 7 Lutheran Exhibition 4-6 Kossuth Street (10-15 minutes walk from the Szekler House to the Sándor Petőfi Lutheran Grammar School) Station 8 History of Kindergartens 27 Perczel Street (5-10 minutes walk from the Lutheran Exhibition to the Kindergarten back to the centre) Station 9 Memorial Room of Mór Perczel 44 Perczel Street (5 minutes walk from the Kindergarten towards the Imre Solymár Library) Station 10 Enamelfactory – Exhibition 84 Perczel Street (10-15 minutes walk from the Memorial Room to the southern end of the town)


Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Tolna county
District: Bonyhádi
Subregion: Bonyhádi
Area: 72.13 km2
Population: 13,758 people
Webpage: www.bonyhad.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
0 °C
Windchill: -3 °C
Humidity: 86 %
Pressure: 1012 hPa
Wind: 9 km/h NW

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Sam Pizzeria

XI. utca 9.

G-pont Bar

bar, drink bar, restaurant, inn
Kossuth u. 77.

Fire service museum

exhibition hall
Szabadság tér 13.

Andiamo Pizzeria

restaurant, inn, Great Restaurant Day
Vörösmarty tér 11.

Völgység Museum

regional museum
Szabadság tér 2.

Platán Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Perczel Mór utca 13.


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