Farmstead Museum


Name: Farmstead Museum
Type: Sights / agricultural monument
Settlement: Békéscsaba
Address: 5600 Békéscsaba, Gyulai út 65.


The partial "bun" pediment was made from planks and does not have an a surrounding cornice. The building has a mud wall and plank roof. Békéssámson windmill can be found in the courtyard.

Detailed information

Phone:+3666441026, +3666323377
Opening period:April 1. - October 31.
Opening hours:Opening time: 1. April – 31. October9.00 – 17.00 Close: monday, sunday
Open to visitors:during opening hours
Door money:Adult: HUF 300, Student, Retired: HUF 150
Payment:Cash only
Architectural style:Folk


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