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In the 19th Century Póstelek was a part of the estate in Gerla of the Wenckheim family. In 1874 count Károly Wenckheim (1811-1891) Imperial and Royal chamberlain, hussar captain established an independent village in the puszta with the name of Gerla-Póstelek at the eastern part of the estate. He built village house and held own communal magistrate and notary. However, following the high flood of 1888 this village terminated, and its area joined Doboz village in 1889. Unfortunately most of the... tovább forest of Póstelek was cleared not long ago. The nice and modern manor house of Póstelek existed not more than 30 years, when subsequent to the World War II people from the neighborhood carried everywhere. Currently it is in a ruined condition. In the 1960 a tourist hostel was intended to be formed in its cellar remained still intact, however this initiation failed.

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Monuments (16)

Árpád Spa and Bath

secular public building
Árpád sor 3.
Szeberényi tér 2.

Farmstead Museum

agricultural monument
Gyulai út 65.

Diáktanya Monument

folk architecture monument
Kinizsi utca 20.
Luther utca 1.

Ibsen House

secular public building
Andrássy út 3.

István Mill

technological monument
Malom tér

Jókai Theater

secular public building
Andrássy út 1.

Fairy-tale house

folk architecture monument
Békési út 15-17.

Munkácsy Memorial House

fortress, castle, palace, mansion
Gyulai út 5.

Museums (9)

Doll Exhibition

exhibition hall
Munkácsy utca 7.

Békéscsaba Touristic Main Railway Station

other, exhibition hall, professional collection
Gőzmalom tér

Jankay-Kolozsváry Tevan Collection

exhibition hall, professional collection
Széchenyi utca 9.

Sausage Museum

exhibition hall
Gyulai út 61.

Fairy Tale House

exhibition hall, memorial site
Békési út 17.

Munkácsy Memorial House

memorial museum, exhibition hall
Gyulai út 5.

Munkácsy Mihály Museum

memorial museum, local historical collection, exhibition hall
Széchenyi utca 9.

Slovak Folklore House

local historical collection
Garay utca 21.

Nature (4)

Mine ponds

excursion place
Jamina déli része

Gerla Castle Park

nature conservation area

Körös Valley Visitor Center

nature conservation area
Széchenyi liget

Póstelek Castle Park

excursion place, nature conservation area
Póstelek, Weinckheim kastély

Churches (10)

Békéscsaba Október 6 utca 4/1.
Szeberényi tér 2.

Hebrew Prayer House in Békéscsaba

tabernacle, synagogue
Ligeti Károly sor
Orosházi út 85-87.
Kolozsvári utca
Bartók Béla út 53.

Roman Catholic Church

parish church
Bartoss udvar 1.
Deák Ferenc utca 4.

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Freetime (10)

Árpád Spa and Bath

beach volleyball
Árpád sor 3.
Kiss Ernő utca 3.
Szent István tér
Dobozi út 208.

Club Mester

handball field, basketball court, squash
Mester utca 14.

Póstelek Park

bicycling, cross-country race, hiking
Gyulai út

Training Center

pool, snooker, rex, football field, tennis
Víztároló utca 2.


handball field, basketball court, volleyball
Gyulai út

Fishing (2)

Horse riding (11)

Hunting (3)

Hospitality »

Hospitality (32)

Arcanum Restaurant

restaurant, inn, Great Restaurant Day
Orosházi út 158.

Brandy Farm

bar, drink bar, pálinka tasting house
Kisrét 92/2.

Ati Pizzeria

Andrássy út 44.
Gyóni Géza utca 19.

CsabaPark Restaurant

restaurant, inn, Great Restaurant Day
Gyulai út 61/2

Don Pepe Fast Food Restaurant

fast food restaurant
Szarvasi út 68. (Tesco Áruház)

Snack Bár

restaurant, inn
Andrássy út 50.

Fek Szalon Restaurant

restaurant, inn
Szabadság tér 6.

Restaurant Fenyves

restaurant, inn
Ifjúsági tábor 1701. hrsz

Restaurant Hotel Fiume

restaurant, inn, cafeteria, café, beer bar, Great Restaurant Day
Szent István tér 2.