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The spring called Bec-kút is situated near the closed mine shafts of Szorospatak in dense woods of the Mátra. Part of the area of the Mátra Protected Natural Environment reaches over Nógrád county, within the limits of Bátonyterenye. The water from the nearby Csevice Spring contains a small amount of carbon dioxide, and smells somewhat of sulphur, reminding one of rotten eggs.

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Monuments (3)

Wooden crucifix in Maconka

monument, folk architecture monument
Rákóczi út

Gyürky-Solymossy Castle

fortress, castle, palace, mansion
Népkert utca 7-9.

Palóc Folkmuseum

folk architecture monument
Árpád út 9.

Museums (1)

Postcard Museum

local historical collection, professional collection
Alkotmány utca 24.

Nature (4)

Bec-Kút spring

nature protection area


nature protection area

Forestry Woody School in Fenyvespuszta

arboretum, botanical garden

Gyürky-Solymossy Castle Park

nature conservation area
Népkert utca 7-9.

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Hospitality (3)

Dáté Health Pension and Restaurant

drink bar, restaurant, inn
Szorospataki út

Szélkakas Restaurant

restaurant, inn, beer bar
Ózdi út 3.

Trogir Bistro

bistro, restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Kossuth út 27.