The village of Bánk is located 60 km away from Budapest, where the Börzsöny hills and the Cserhát region meet. Its lake, the Bánk Lake is suitable for both fishing and bathing and it is one of the treasures of Nógrád County. The village with its beautiful holiday accommodation, hotels and restaurants, not only became a popular holiday resort, but it also became widely famous for its national and cultural programmes. The Bánk Lake attracts many visitors, mostly because of its natural beauty, but... tovább the “Bánki Nyár” (the Bánk Summer Festival) with its series of cultural programmes attracts many people as well. The festival takes place on a Water stage that is built on the lake in the summer. There is a Louis Armstrong Jazz festival organised every year as part of the Bánk Summer Festival, as well as the Nógrádi Nemzetközi Folklór Fesztivál (Nógrád International Folklore Festival), but as well as these events, there are numerous pop music programmes, evening performances, theatre performances, and film screenings that attract visitors. The Bánk Lake Beach is open from the first of June until the end of August as an open air bathing place. You can go boating, pedalloing and fishing in the lake. You can use tennis courts in the village as part of an optional program, and there is even a bowling alley available, which is unique in the area. In the village’s regional folklore museum, which is an old peasant’s cottage with a free standing chimney, where the walls have been built with a variety of materials, and which has decorative roof tiles, there are local history exhibitions that display the everyday life of the people of the area, mostly the life of the Evangelical Slovak community. The Evangelical church was built in 1783, and you can see the foundation walls of an older church in the Evangelical cemetery. Polgármesteri Hivatal: Hősök tere 11., Tel: 35/342-452

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Nógrád county
District: Rétsági
Subregion: Rétsági
Area: 9.9 km2
Population: 650 people
Webpage: www.bank-falu.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
-5 °C
Windchill: -1 °C
Humidity: 92 %
Pressure: 1028 hPa
Wind: 4 km/h E

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Bárka restaurant, pizzeria and brasserie

restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Petőfi utca 59.

Swing&Jazz Restaurant

restaurant, inn, cafeteria, café
Petőfi út 73.

Snack bar

restaurant, inn
Petőfi út 53.
Petőfi út 94.
Hősök tere
Bánki tó


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