Approachable: 86 Balogunyom is a neighborhood in the town of Szombathely located, surrounded by two streams: the Perint running east and the Sorok creek in the southwest. Mis middle of the twentieth century were located in the municipality three separate Orstschaften: Nagyunyom, Balogfa and Héraháza. First Héraháza in the village Balogfa attached, then emerged in 1949 the town Balogunyom by the Association of Balogfa and Nagyunyom. The local parish has existed since the XIII. The first century... tovább ry schrifftliche records of Unyom only from the beginning of the fourth century from the year 1318 is known. Subsequent owners of the settlement were among the other families Sényi and Akacs. The nagyunyomer village church was standing in honor of All Saints collected. Your from the Roman period originating sanctuary and the windows of Schiesscharten come from the XIII. In the XV century, she was in the Gothic, in the XVIII. Century in Baroque style umgebaust, then she was in the XIX. Klassizitischen century in style in a westerly direction. In the sanctuary and honor arch of the church are fractions of frescoes with figures and the parts of the Weihkreuzes to see. The interior decoration of künstlericheim level is largely in the Baroque style. The church's interior was designed by Albin Stefek in neoclassic style painted. The organ of the church was in 1938 from the Franciscan church of Szombathely here. In nagyunyomer village is now functioning as a former elementary school Sényi Castle, the middle of the XIX. Sényi century by Gábor in classical style. In balogfaer village is the Bosics - Castle today against privately owned - the former by a large park. Both locks and the Sényi-crypt in the cemetery are national monuments. The community gives a georneten environment and Sauerberkeit great attention. The public area with parks are a delight for visitors and travellers.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Vas county
District: Szombathelyi
Subregion: Szombathelyi
Area: 12.12 km2
Population: 1,144 people
Webpage: www.balogunyom.hu

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Cloudy: 98%
17 °C
Windchill: 20 °C
Humidity: 88 %
Pressure: 1022 hPa
Wind: 2 km/h NE

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