The history of Balatonkenese goes back far, as this area has been inhabited since the Hungarian Conquest. The Tatar and Turkish hordes invaded this area, the „houses” caverned in the side of the High-bank, called „Tatar Holes”, show the signs of the historic ordeal. In 1532 the congress gathered in Kenese. We are proud of the fact that the Kisfaludy steamboat with István Széchenyi on board anchored first in Balatonkenese in 1846. The more than 400 years old Rákózi-elm tree stands in the center... tovább of Balatonakarattya. This is the most wellknown protected ancient tree in the Balaton region. Unfortunatey this fantastic wonder of nature seasoned in 1968, but in 2003 a new elm tree was planted in the park on the day of the Earth. Our other protected natural treasure is the plant curiosity „tátorján” which grows in the nature conservation area of the obelisk of Soós hill. It is strictly protected in Europe, too. This unique, 1 meter tall plant with patulous branches blooms its honey-smelled, fabulous flowers at the turn of May and June on the top of the hill. In the folk-museum our guest can get acquainted with the local history and the tools of the peasant household. The house with the arched porch, freechimney and thatch has reserved the traditional building style of the Balaton-region from the 1850’s. Our Balaton Gate Opening festival has become one of the most determinant event in the Balaton region. The feast offers wide range of easy and enriched programs for several days for both the young and older visitors. The performances of the famous guest artists, the folklore dance and the performances of the folk music groups, the exhibitions and the offer of the food and drink tents, and last, but not least the roasted meat of the broached ox serve the care-free recreation of our guests. Vintage demonstration held at the end of September is also a major event int he life of the village when folk art shows and open market are also organized.

Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Veszprém county
District: Balatonalmádi
Subregion: Balatonalmádi
Area: 65.57 km2
Population: 3,334 people
Webpage: www.keneseinfo.hu

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Cloudy: 0%
18 °C
Windchill: 19 °C
Humidity: 54 %
Pressure: 1026 hPa
Wind: 5 km/h SW

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Katica Bakery, Café and Teahouse

confectionery, cafeteria, café, pizzeria, breakfast bar
Fő utca 21.
Bercsényi lejáró 1.

Rády József Sporthall

handball field, basketball court, volleyball
Táncsics utca 27.
Táncsics utca 10.

Parragh Garden - evergreen collection

nature conservation area
Partfő utca

Provincial House of Balatonkenese

local historical collection, regional museum
Kossuth Lajos utca 6.


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6.3 km
Balatonfűzfő: Balaton
Balatonfűzfő: Balaton
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Gáspártelep: M7 − 86,4 km] Lepsényi pihenőhely [országhatár felé
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