Balatonfüred is a little town on the northern shore of Lake Balaton surrounded by the southern slopes of Tamás Hill and the Tihany peninsula. The number of its population is 13.500. Balatonfüred has been the first spa of Hungary since 1971. It has also gained the title of ”International Town of Grapes and Wine”. The town became famous mostly because of its curative springs and mediterranean-like climate. Balatonfüred was already inhabited in the Roman times. Its name was first mentioned in the... tovább estate registration of the Tihany Abbey in 1211. The mineral springs near Lake Balaton were already known in the 17th century. They came into the limelight when the boiled spring water was used for bathing and the settlement was officially declared a spa in the 1700s The development of the town started in the 19th century during the Hungarian reform era. It became the favourite meeting place of progressive-minded politicians, artists and it was during this period that the historical and cultural role of the settlement was the most significant. Significant sights: National Hospital for Heart Diseases, Kossuth Lajos pump house (that is where the mineral water can be tasted), Anna Grand Hotel (that is where the Füred Pantheon can be found), Horváth House, Hotel Blaha (it used to be the summer home of Lujza Blaha who was a significant Hungarian actress of the 19th century), Jókai Villa (the summer home of Mór Jókai who was a great Hungarian novelist of the 19th century), the Protestant Church, the Gombás Mansion, the ruins of St. Michael Church and the six columns which reamined from the first Hungarian speaking stone theatre of Transdanubia, Lóczy Cave. Our most important programs are: International sailing competitions, Sail setting ceremony in May, Balatonfüred Festival of the Arts in July , the Anna Ball in July, bay swim in August , the Wine Weeks in August, Concerts in summer, the prize-giving celebration of the international poet contest named after Salvatore Quasimodo. in September The town has international partnerships, we have 6 twintowns: Germering (Germany), Castricum (the Netherlands), Kouvola (Finland) Opatija (Croatia), Kovászna (Romania) Arpino (Italy)
Suggested walking tours: 1.walking tour: Start form Tourinform office-Kisfaludy str.1. We are in the nicest area of the town. Balaton sore-Tagore promenade: named after Nobel prize winner Hindu poet R.Tagore. He came for treatment in 1926 to the State Hospital for Heart Diseases. At the beginning of the pr. is the memorial tree and bust of him. At the end of Pr. is the Esterházy beach. In the park next to the Pr. memorial trees planted by various famous people who spent time in the town. Kisfaludy st.: - Gyógy tér: State Hospital for Heart Diseases. - Horváth housebuilt 1798. The first Anna-Ball was held in this building on her name day in July 1825. Now there are flats and shops in the building. - Kossuth Lajos well-pump room built 1853. You can taste sparkling mineral water. - Anna Grand hotel and Panteon: built cca.1810.here are plaques to commemorate artists, writers and scientists who had connections with Balatonfüred. In this building organised evry year in July the famous Anna -Ball. - Little forest-pine wood: 6 columns of the Stone Theatre (built 1831) - Blaha L. st. -country cottage of the famous singer Blaha Lujza -now hotel. -Round catholic church(built 1846.) - Jókai Villa-museum (Honvéd st). (Now rerenovate) Built by Jókai Mór, the famous hungarian writer in 1870. It was his summer cottage. - Jókai street-Ady E. st-Szt. István squar: Town hall and "Red" catholic church. (1927) - Arácsi street-Gombás country mansion built in the 18th. century . Now. pansion. - Arács village centre: Kath. church (1790) calvinist church(1786) - Lóczy st.-Béke st.-Koloska valley, and Csárda(Restaurant) Koloska spring:picnic area . -Return to Lóczy st. Hősök square: Ferenc Széchényi school for Horticulture. Not far, in the left hand: cemetery with grave of Lajos Lóczy-geologist.

2. walking tour: Tourinform office-Kisfaludy st. 1. -Pier: Borsos Miklós 's statue: Balaton wind. Rose garden and statues: the Ferryman and Fisherman.-Going to the Weston Zákonyi St: BYC Yacht Club, Hotels Silver Resort modern buildings: shops, restaurants, coffee bars. -On the Szécheny st: hotels as far as Camping Füred. - at the traffic circle going northerlyon the Fürdő st: Sundance park with appartements. - Annagora Aqua park: Open from 13. Juni till end of August. -Horváth M. st: Balaton sport and conference centre.: open air stage, arena, multiplex cinema, restaurant, fittness room, squas. -Railway and bus station. -Jókai st-Kisfaludy st. Kisfaludy Galerie


Settlement Info

Legal status: town
County: Veszprém county
District: Balatonfüredi
Subregion: Balatonfüredi
Area: 46.45 km2
Population: 13,313 people
Webpage: www.balatonfured.hu

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Cloudy: 94%
-2 °C
Windchill: -6 °C
Humidity: 64 %
Pressure: 1018 hPa
Wind: 11 km/h NW

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Borcsa Restaurant

restaurant, inn, pizzeria
Tagore sétány 1.

Kredenc wine bistro

wine bar, wine bar, cafeteria, café, salad bar, sandwich bar
Blaha u. 7.

Petrányi Winery and WineTerrace

winebar, wine house, wine bar, wine bar, restaurant, inn, cafeteria, café, winery, Wine cellar
Homokbánya 31.
Lóczy Lajos utca 56.

Óvárosi Art Café

cafeteria, café
Kossuth L. utca 31.
Deák Ferenc utca 5.


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Balatonfüred-fürdő: Balatonfüred − Esterházy strand
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