Klassicist house


Name: Klassicist house
Type: Sights / private house
Settlement: Balassagyarmat
Address: 2660 Balassagyarmat, Rákóczi Fejedelem útja 35.


The classicist style an apartment house was being built around 1820, it was changed many times since then. Two-storey, the middle part of his facade step-out implement jumps ahead mildly. His gate settles down in the forefront of the building, szegment developed with an arched stone framework. On two of the sides of the gate pilasters visible, these continue in engaged columns on the floor to the ledge.His upstairs windows are shaped with a brow ledge, business portals were developed in this century on his ground floor. The court one was being built in this century likewise to a facade the upstairs stone limited terrace.

Detailed information

Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:kann nicht besucht werden
Open to visitors:cannot be visited
Architectural style:Classicist


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