Máriakönnye (Mary's Tears) a place of pilgrimage


Name: Máriakönnye (Mary's Tears) a place of pilgrimage
Type: Sights / religious building
Settlement: Baja
Address: 6500 Baja, Baja- Vodica


Thousands pilgrimise here every year on Mary's Day, mainly the elderly and the sick, who believe in the healing power of the spring here. There are several legends about the origins of this shrine. According to one, once a poor wanderer boy was grieving under Mary's picture, and Mary's tears for the boy turned into a spring. Another legends has the story of a Hungarian and a Serb student, who were saved by Mary from the wolves. The two springs which broke to the surface were dedicated by the boys to their own religions, and so both Catholics and the Ortodox have prayed here ever since. A chapel, a statue of Mary and a Calvary were built next to the "holy" wells. The water of the wells is not potable due to its nitrate content.

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Phone:+3679322382, +3679322382
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Architectural style:Neo-Baroque


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