Aqua Bank Fishing Lake


Name: Aqua Bank Fishing Lake
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Atkár
Address: 3213 Atkár, Fáy utca


Drawing, the existence of mouth disinfecting, feather and a centimetre for all obliging anglers!!! The fish falling between the size limitation can be taken away. Size limitation: carp: 30-50 cm, amur: 40-65 cm, predatory fish 40 cm can be taken away, withdrawn the catfish, because there is not a size limitation at a catfish and mixed fish. Peaceful fish: carp, amur predatory fish: pike-perch, pike, perch, catfish , bream, Squalius Bonaparte Mixed fish: crucian and bream half, big Protected fish: gold crucian, tench. To put these into a fishkeeper or to take away prohibited!

Detailed information

Opening period:March 1. - December 31.
Prices:Day:500-2900 HUF Night:1200-3000 HUF 24 Hours:2000-4700 HUF Annual: 16990-41990 HUF
Payment:Cash only
Services:buffet, toilet


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