Roadstead Crossing: TISZACSEGE - ÁROKTŐ Mayor's Office: Széchenyi u. 75., Tel: 49/354-203 This settlement can be approached from the main road number 3, travelling through Mezőcsát. Ároktő is situated on the right bank of the river Tisza, in the beautiful natural surroundings. In case of favourable water level one can cross the river in a ferry-boat as well, in the period from spring till autumn. Ároktő was inhabited already in the bronze era, however findings of other cultures that lived here... tovább d here before settling of Hungarians were also observed here. At the border of the settlement the Csörsz-árka or Ördögárok (Devilpit) fortress system spread, built in the Avar era, which arced over the Northern territories of Danube-Tisza region. Its remnants can be also found nowadays. Ároktő was first mentioned in a document first dated in 1067 (it was rewritten in 1267) under the name „Aruk”. In 1194 it appeared as Aructeu, referring to the neighbouring Csörsz-árka (Csörsz-pit), built supposedly in the VII century. In the Middle Ages it alternately belonged to Cserépvár (Pottery castle) and Tokaj castle. At the end of the fifteenth century Tamás Bakócz owned the settlement, but he gifted itt o the prebend of Eger, who owned it up to the twentieth century. The village inflicted by Turks was further destroyed by locust invsion in 1668. int he kuruts era Ároktő was levied by ratzs. The settlement suffered from passing Russian troops int he fight for freedom int he years 1848-49. In 1869 considerable part of the village (including the church) was ruined by fire. At present people primarily do agricultural work for their living, however closeness to the river Tisza can also have a favourable impact on the development of local economy.

Settlement Info

Legal status: village
County: Borsod-Abaúj-Zemplén county
District: Mezőcsáti
Subregion: Mezőcsáti
Area: 46.41 km2
Population: 1,122 people

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Cloudy: 0%
-1 °C
Windchill: -4 °C
Humidity: 39 %
Pressure: 1039 hPa
Wind: 9 km/h NE

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Széchenyi utca 49.


natural monument
Ságvári u. 2.


natural monument
Széchenyi u. 6.
Ságvári u. 2.


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