Abaliget Lake


Name: Abaliget Lake
Type: Freetime /
Settlement: Abaliget
Address: 7678 Abaliget, Pertelek


The lake water is from carstcave. The lake is bulit in 1959. The average depth: 1,5-2,5 m.The lake is surrounded by a paved promenade.Along the beach is cooking facilities. The lake is rich in fish. Receivable fish: carp, grass carp, bream, crucian carp, tench, carp, catfish, walleye, pike. But during the summer, African catfish.

Detailed information

Phone:+3672498633, +36306495280
Opening period:January 1. - December 31.
Opening hours:Troughout the year.
Prices:Daily ticket: 1.000 HUF Night ticket: 1.500 HUF The fish is purchasable.
Payment:Cash only
Wheelchair accessible:partially


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